Hi guys, my name is Joe.
I was an average Joe for a long time. I struggled with my job and was unhappy with it for quite a while. I had an arse for a boss and competitors who made my life difficult - and I didn’t exactly earn a lot of money.
One day I’ve had it. Enough is enough! I broke out of the daily grind and embraced the world and my newly found freedom.
My ambition was to create my own ecosystem based on passive income. I found some like minded people and we quickly grew. My system was so successful that I wanted to share it with the whole world. That's how we all ended up here.
Come with me, I will show you your way to passive income.
Join us and share our vision. Be perfect, you don't deserve less!

Yours sincerely,
Perfect Joe

$PJOE - is a community driven crypto currency built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. Buy and Hold $PJOE and you will automatically get more in your Wallet.

Perfect Joe Token I
Community Token I $PJOE

Community Token

You determine the tokenomics of $PJOE, you decide what features the token gets and how it evolves, as the community is being involved in the decision making and determines the tokenomics of $PJOE.

Perfect Joe is more than just a meme, it’s a character and it’s the beginning of a great story. An entire Ecosystem will be raised. After all the pets, we need more focus on persons again.... Be a part of the history of Joe. The cartoon based character-token will bring you passive earnings in the long term.


The DeFi/NFT platform on the Binance Smart Chain 

Join PJOE2 


PJOE2 features much more logical tokenomics. The concept of PJOE is long-term and passive. The first farming batch includes 1.5 million tokens and will last 3 months.

Through the further development of our own platform, we will always gnaw on the tooth of time and always have a surprise for you.

First of all, we will expand our lottery, where you can win BNB every week. We may even add more games to the platform. There will be a NFT Laucnhpad, where you can exclusively buy the limited NFTs of different artists.



2% Hodler Reward

1% Burn

1% Marketing

1% Development



Don't miss the chance! 



Hold $PJOE in your wallet and earn money on every transaction.

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Hey, try your luck and play in our fair community lottery. 0.05 BNB per 3 tickets. You can win BNB with just 1 correct number.

PJOE's BNB-Lottery

Try your luck and play in our fair community lottery.

Win BNB with just 1 correct number!! (0.05 BNB for 3 tickets)

For every ticket sale you generate as a referrer, you will receive one ticket for free and take part in the "Community Share Dividend" program..

Invite your friends and increase your chance to win the jackpot!

Community Share Dividend

Invite your friends to meet Joe. Increase your earnings by finishing in the top 5 places. This program runs for a limited time.

1st place (20 Lottery Tickets): 0x6abde1054953d36cef8b5c1db8a8f3dce89d3438 (157 invited people)
2nd place (16 Lottery Tickets): 0xf1a72d01320fbd934b118e7cae40b88ef2ecbcb9 (117 invited people)
3rd place (12 Lottery Tickets): 0xd63aE2C19bB269155e06855Af1745120B3468364 (115 invited people)
4th place (8 Lottery Tickets): 0x49c37ab3bda01b9b19c80589ad4c2ce56812fae9 (100 invited people)
5th place (4 Lottery Tickets): 0xf103d7f46063749859e252cd48c3916f38d6146e (67 invited people)

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$PJOE Features

The automatic LP is the foundation of Perfect Joe $PJOE. Here we have a feature that is a two-fold beneficial implementation for holders.

First, the contract sucks up tokens from sellers and buyers alike and adds them to the LP, creating a solid price floor.

In theory, the added LP creates stability from the delivered LP by adding tax to the token's overall liquidity, increasing the token's overall LP and supporting the token's price floor. This differs from the burn function of other tokens, which only benefits from the granted reduction in supply in the short term.

As the LP of the $PJOE token increases, the price stability reflects this function with the benefit of a solid price floor and cushion for holders. The goal here is to prevent the larger drops when whales decide to sell their tokens later in the game, which keeps the price from fluctuating as much as it would if there was no automatic LP feature.

All of this is an attempt to alleviate some of the problems we've seen with the current DeFi tokens.

Sometimes burns are important, sometimes they are not. A continuous burn on a log can be nice in the early days, however it means that the burn cannot be limited or controlled in any way. When burns are controlled by the team and promoted based on success, it helps reward and inform the community. Manual burn conditions and quantities can be promoted and tracked. Burns are always decided by the community....

$PJOE aims to implement a burn strategy that is useful and rewarding in the long run for those who engage.

Roadmap 2021

Q2 I $PJOE Token


Development phase
Protocol Initialized
Team building
Test runs

Q3 I $PJOE Token


Private Sale
Liquidity Lock (5 Years)
Token distribution Staking (3 Million Token)
Marketing & Community building
500 - 1000 PJOE-Holder
Coingecko Listing

Q4 I $PJOE Token


AMA when 2000 PJOE-Holder
D’App & Defi Platform
BNB Lottery

More to be come...

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