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The next draw will take place on October 9th, 2021 at 00:00 UTC.

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Currently in the Jackpot: 0.05 BNB
Match-Pool 1: 0.01 BNB, Match-Pool 2: 0.0175 BNB, Match-Pool 3: 0.0225 BNB

For round 5 you own 0 ticket(s).

Hey, try your luck and play in our fair community lottery. 0.05 BNB per 3 tickets. You can win BNB with just 1 correct number.

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*** The Winning numbers from round 4 are 642 ***

All lottery wins will be sent automatically within the next few minutes.

0 Winner(s)

The Match 1 pool contained 0.092 BNB.
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0 Winner(s)

The Match 2 pool contained 0.161 BNB.
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The Match 3 pool contained 0.207 BNB.
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BNB Lottery I $PJOE Token


• Each lottery ticket costs 0.05 BNB

• Each player may buy as many lottery tickets as he wants.

• A ticket always contains three random digits between 1 and 9

• The lottery tickets are assigned by random number generator.

• The winning numbers are drawn every Friday at 00:00 UTC.

• To win, the numbers must match in order

• After each draw, the automatic distribution of winnings takes place.

• Unallocated prize money will be transferred to the next round.

Criteria I $PJOE Token


🔮 Winning Numbers Exampel: 913

Ticket A : 9 1 4*
Ticket B : 0 1 3**

📌 The digits on your ticket must match in the correct order to win.

*Ticket A: The first 2 digits match, but the 3th digit is wrong, therefore this ticket wins a prize for MATCH 2.

**Ticket B: Although the last 2 digits match, the first digit is wrong, therefore this lot does not win a prize.

📍 The prizes do not multiply. So whoever gets the first 3 numbers right participates in the MATCH 3 pool, not also in the MATCH 1 and MATCH 2 pools.

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